Why Hindu India Hurts the West..

Sridhar Vembu, the founder CEO of Zoho Corp had posted this short thread on Twitter about why the Commies and Christians can’t stand a resurgent self confident Hindu India. Its very relevant to all the debates on intolerance in social media and the Western trashy “newspapers”.

The link to the thread is here – Pagan India Vs the One True Way

1/ An important part of woke indoctrination in elite universities as it pertains to India is to understand that India’s very existence poses a challenge to the Marxist/materialist world-view that sees itself as the One True Way. 

India is a weird pagan relic in this view.

2/ As long as India stayed poor – first due to colonialism and later due to socialism – it was only a charity case (“basket case”), to be rescued with money and evangelism. Crucially Indians could not have intellectual or moral agency. 

Well, India is no longer a basket case.

3/ That poses a serious intellectual problem for both the Marxist/materialists and the “civilize the savages” crowd. How can this pagan relic, worshipping elephants and monkeys and snakes and other weird forms, produce first rate thought? 

Consider the issue of gay marriage.

4/ India’s live and let live culture, pagan to the core, always recognized diversity in all its forms. So when gay marriage was formally legalized, there was no opposition from any quarter in India. 

The Marxist/materialist ideology sees that as a challenge to the One True Way.

5/ This challenge cannot stand. India must be intellectually subordinated to the One True Way. 

That is what “South Asian Studies” are all about – alienating Indian students from their own extraordinarily diverse and rich intellectual and philosophical heritage …

6/ … and replace that heritage with the rigid and inflexible ideology of present day woke marxism, which will only produce endless social conflict. The woke worship of “Diversity” is a sham and it is of the same nature as the communist promise of “Equality”.

7/ We in India must continue our open-minded, unfettered philosophical debate and not give in to the latest intolerant dogma from the West. Philosophical monism (the elephants and monkeys and snakes and rocks and we are one!) and practical paganism have served India well.

8/ Achieving broadly shared economic prosperity along with an attitude of detached contentment is important for maintaining this idea of philosophical freedom in India.

That is possible within a generation if we put our minds to it. That is our civilizational project.


Why is Hinduism that accepts everything and everybody as divine considered intolerant, while both Islam and Christianity with their rigid rules considered tolerant ? The whole attempt by social media and the LeLi (Left Liberal 🙄) cabal is to prove that India has become intolerant because Hindus are finally waking up.

Just see the following data infographic about the super successful Jan Dhan Yojana –


The LeLi commentary on Jan Dhan Yojana just goes to prove the point that Sridhar Vembu makes – a resurgent economically strong India won’t be an easy ground for conversions. We need to remain poor so the West can “do charity”. If we want to see what Christianity, Islam and Western Charity can do, we just need to watch the African countries.

Civil wars in Rwanda, Somalia, the deracination of the pagan religions, rampant HIV and the unbelievable poverty that still exists despite USAID, DFID and every other known charity working there for decades. Still no seat at the high table !!

The Western style of development is unsustainable. Just to support the dumbass American lifestyle, we need three Earths 😳😳. Natural resources are depleted, soil is poisoned, food crop is destroyed, carbon emissions are sky high and then India gets lectured on how to develop sustainably.

Some wannabe privileged Scandinavian little girl will come around every few years and ask “how dare you” with tears in her eyes and suddenly the whole world will melt. Global warming is melting the polar ice but we will forget all that the minute a “white” little girl says “how dare you”. Hey mind you, Hindus have the dreaded caste system… sure and “white” is just a colour ???

The new monster on the loose is Commie dictatorial China that’s making the West look like a bumbling idiot. Look at what is happening to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Burma … huge un-repayable loans and countries just go bankrupt because despots are propped up. This is what Commies want in India too – remain poor, civil unrest and blood on the streets.

For all those who speak of India being intolerant towards Muslims I have a simple question – why do all the Muslim refugees from Burma, Bangladesh and Pakistan want to come to India ? Why not go to one of the benevolent peaceful 56 Islamic nations ? Rohingyas won’t go 300 kms to China seeking asylum but will travel 2000 kms to Jammu in intolerant India. Waiting for a better joke than this to laugh 😔.

A Hindu resurgent, self confident India hurts the Western agenda. The sooner we understand this the better.

Jai Hind. Jai Bharat.


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