Welcome to Christian Nadu

I clicked these pics in a single day and while our dear friend Sri was taking us on a temple trip from Chennai to Tiruvallur and beyond. Welcome to Christian Nadu 😡🤬.

Christian Nadu
Christian Nadu
Christian Nadu
Christian Nadu
Christian Nadu
Christian Nadu
This one is from Chennai … Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai

I wasn’t sure if I was in TamilNadu or Christian Nadu !! The incentivised conversion program is on at full steam and everywhere you go, there is a cross staring at you.

Fake Christians

Let me be clear that I have no problem with anyone’s choice of religion …. the only problem I have is when someone tries to tell me my religion is no good and I must convert. The rampant conversion in erstwhile Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Punjab is a huge cause of concern because it translates to foreign powers getting political leverage in India’s local affairs.

Every converted Christian didn’t find Jesus – he/she found a bank that pays him/her a monthly stipend to sign their name at a Church. Then these sold out dumeels (a loving term for idiots) dance to the tunes of their political handlers. The protests that happened at Kudankulam Nuclear project, the shutting down of the Sterlite’s copper plant etc are all funded through the conversion network.

Christian Nadu Punjab

What have Sardars got to do with Christianity ???? The insidious conversion mafia is working hard !

Do read my earlier post – July – Hindu Persecution Awareness Month. Just one infographic will knock your socks off –

Christian Nadu - North East

The change in demographics is slow but steady and suddenly entire cultures are wiped out. These venomous conversion thugs want the Hindu culture wiped out and Sanatana Dharma to become extinct.

Hindus are caught between the pissing match that Islam and Christianity are having to grow their numbers and India is their biggest battle ground.

I read a fantastic thread by @RakeshSimha on why growing poverty and wars in the West are good for India. Reposting it here –

Why growing poverty and wars in the West are good for India.

  1. Many Indians feel bad about Islamic terrorism, joblessness and violence in the West. But the fact is, the Christian West has been at war with India for 500 years. Troubles in the West offer India a respite.
  2. Take the Ukraine War. The US has just announced a $40 billion package for Ukraine. The entire collective focus of the West, including neutrals like Finland, is on Ukraine. This reduces the money and manpower they have for proselytization in India.
  3. WW II weakened Europe, especially Britain, forcing the colonizers to cut and run from their vast colonies around the world. Had Adolf Hitler not bombed London and Coventry to rubble, and defeated the British Army in France, India would have got freedom in 1960.
  4. A big threat to India are American churches. 70% of Americans are still strongly Christian and easily loosen their purses for converting Hindus in India. Growing poverty in the US makes it harder for individual Americans to support foreign missionary activity by their churches
  5. Growing joblessness (and lack of social welfare) in the US means American churches have to run soup kitchens and night shelters for the new homeless. They love it as they are soul vultures, but such work cuts down on the money available for their evangelizing work overseas.
  6. The hollowing out of the American economy because of various factors such as outsourcing, and the dearth of talented workers because of the rise of woke college courses and the demise of STEM, will make America less competitive.
  7. Christian anti-science attitude will make America unattractive for talented immigrants who have for decades boosted its science and tech sectors. This will eventually lead to less innovation and the third-worldization of America.
  8. Christianity draws its strength from the West. The CIA uses Christian clergy as spies and informers, who also weaken the host country. The sooner the West declines the better it is for India. It also opens up the field for India to expand.
  9. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar publicly chided the West for preaching to India for buying Russian oil. He is the first Indian leader who has said “India has concerns about human rights” in the US. It illustrates how India’s rise is directly related to the West’s decline.
  10. The West will be embroiled in Ukraine for years. This would also be the opportune time for India to permanently whack the West’s second favourite poodle – Pakistan. Remember, when India broke Pakistan into two in 1971, the West was embroiled in the Vietnam War.
  11. There is no altruism in geopolitics. We shouldn’t lament their decline. There just isn’t enough space for many at the top. The West’s decline should be welcomed as an opportunity for India to reclaim its space which was stolen by Islamic and European Christian colonizers.
  12. Hindus have no beef with White people if they revert to their beautiful Greek, Norse, Saxon and Celtic Gods. Our beef is with Christianity; the angry, vengeful, petty god of the Bible; and the monotheistic worldview which is hateful towards polytheistic religions.

Hoping some sense prevails soon before Bharat becomes deracinated India like the African and South American countries. We need an anti-conversion law and a ghar-wapsi program. Also praying for Hindus to return to their mothership with pride. Sanatana Dharma has answers for every darned thing you can think of and it doesn’t force untruths and fables down your throat. The only true egalitarian way of life is the Hindu way of life.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Christian Nadu”

  1. Who’s going to stem the rot !! It’s really sickening to know the degradation in corrupt practices

  2. I am an Indian first and then a Christian.

    Generally stay away from such things, however, I would like to share (and am afraid this should not escalate into something else). Being a Catholic am more against these evangelical activities though some are sincere and genuine while many are in this for the number game. The more the number higher the remittance.

    While we show are anguish for this. I also want to tell you the plight and helplessness of these poor people who may be lured with money or divinity. There are many who say we converted because our own religion outcasted us, we were left to starve to death, we were denied basic human dignity.

    I am from Kerala. Most of the costal areas of Kerala are Christian belt/pockets, I am one of them the reason we are Christians is because our forefathers until the 14th century when the Portuguese came in, we were outcasted, not allowed to entre schools, temples and some of the atrocities they then faced are beyond comprehension to humanity. Our own community outcasted us, denied us, abused us and the vultures saw the opportunity to scavenge. And today we are educated, respected and treated well.

    Unfortunately this continues in some or the other way even to this day (sad eg: the women who entered Sabarimala temple, her in-laws did not allow her to enter her house and was beaten up, she was receiving death threats from protesters).

    The rat eating communities in various parts of our country are in pathetic conditions and many more marginalised communities in India. This world needs more of “Baba Amte’s” and mother Teresa where we serve and see humanity first.

    What are we doing as fellow citizens and feel sorry to say this, after over 70 years of freedom and democracy, the mindset of superior and inferior class is still in some corner of our heart and minds. There has been improvement and things are getting better in our country.

    Off late even Christians in India specially Kerala have started grading themselves :).

    We are progressive and we will very soon dominate the world in many things. I am positive!

    Lets embrace humanity and make this our religion.

    • Thank you Sandeep for sharing your perspective. You know me. I have never had a problem with what religion one follows. I still don’t. I only have a problem with any kind of coercion or incentivization. Your first line says it all – Indian first, everything else next. Take care and yes we will progress the right way.


  3. You guys are seriously retarded and insecure. Christianity doesn’t have an anti science agenda . If you keep science above God who actually is the greatest scientist available . It’s the weakness of yr religion. You want to gave equal rights in islamic and Christian world but mistreat thm here.
    First ban iskon from proselytizing outside and then talk about stopping Christians here.
    America and Europe knew science before immigrants like u went there . You want to impose ur backward culture on civilised societies. You own children won’t know any scriptures of hindu religion ( which is btw a Persian word) and u want to get security from outside while being hollow from the inside

    • Hahahaha Mr. Gawande, please change your name to some inane meaningless Christian name like Tommy, Jack etc since you seem to be Christian by faith. “Christianity doesn’t have an anti science agenda” ??? Yeah sure. The Earth is flat, Jesus was born to a virgin, Contraception is against God …. says who ? not me, but the Bible. Americans and Europeans were apes and barbarians scratching their bums against trees, when Sushruta was performing complex surgeries !! so stop talking nonsense. “Ur backward culture” – what culture do you belong to ? Your name is clearly that of an Indian and when “intelligent” Hindus go and read a fable every Sunday in some hall of death, they become like you – someone who hates his motherland and his culture. Get a life, and more importantly learn Sanskrit to improve your cognitive abilities and yes, to even register on the IQ scale.


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