Lost in Translation !

We landed in Chennai late last evening. If you looked at the queues at each check-in counter at the Delhi airport, you would wonder if we ever had the pandemic. It appears as though everyone is travelling. We are happy because it means things are getting back to normal. We were asked to rejoin a different queue and would have been lost if not for the nice orange uniform that Vistara ground staff wear 😁.

There were the usual last minute gate changes, people running to catch their flight and an interesting argument about wearing the mask. Vistara’s in-flight food is quite good. I enjoyed a molten chocolate pastry after ages. Amma liked the coffee. The only thing that was less than satisfactory was the leg space .. suddenly it felt very cramped.

There was some turbulence near Chennai but we landed ahead of schedule. We got out and reached the baggage carousel to collect our checked-in luggage. I noticed the digital display board only when we were waiting for Krishnan to book a cab.

Lost in Translation

See the picture below –

Lost in Translation
The message being displayed in Tamil says “Welcome to Chennai”

Thank you for the warm welcome to Chennai (pun intended) 😁

Now see the picture below –

Lost in translation

Since all my blog readers read English, it says “Vanakkam to Chennai”… Vanakkam is a Tamil word and it means “Namaste” or “Greeting” or “Hello”. This is what happens when we want to use a foreign language to appear cool. The customer says hello to Chennai, but the airport welcomes the customer to Chennai.

“Chennaiku Varaverkirom” in Tamil translates to “Welcome to Chennai” but our Dravida dumeels can’t get that right. This is what happens when you neither learn Tamil nor English and continue opposing Indian languages 😁.

I felt right at home because I always find something to not like at the Chennai airport. I say “Vanakkam” to Chennai and feel happy that am welcomed by the airport authorities.

Nandri. Thank You. 🙏🏿

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