What’s your story?

Couple of years back, I read a LinkedIn post with this title…What’s your Story? If I recall correctly, the author of the post suggested this as one of the questions to be asked in interviews. The question being open-ended, its likely to give you a deep insight about the interviewee.

I then started preparing the answer to the question “What’s your Story?” assuming that I was in an interview. I reflected deeply about my life, work, people and experiences that left a deep impact. Initially I wrote a two page note, which I summarised into a one page note and when I thought more deeply, my story was just two words long – “transforming lives”.

From the very beginning, I have been gifted with a silver tongue. I would like to believe that combined with my genuine interest in people, my words left a deep impact on several people. I also inherited my mother’s unique ability to comeback with sharp one-liners. Life has given and continues to give me unique experiences.

My story ?

How many people lose a brother at 23, a kidney at 25, get a brown belt in Karate after losing the kidney, propose to the love of my life 3 days after meeting her, together become bankrupt at 35, launch a Pan Masala brand in Delhi without knowing a word of Hindi, change four industries in a career of 30+ years, travel to 25 countries and then setup ShikshaDaan at 50…. roller coaster life ? Yes ofcourse, but also a great story.

All of us have our stories. Stories that are unique to us. Stories that can inspire others but cannot be copied by anyone else. Your story sets you apart. Your story defines you.

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