What’s not going to change…

How often have you heard the following cliches being spoken in the corporate world ? “Change is the only constant”, “Nothing in this world is certain, except death and taxes”, “Where do you see your business in 3/5/10 years from now”, “World of VUCA” ?. With the Covid19 situation, the word “New Normal” has crept into almost every part of our web conversation. So, when I saw an article titled “What’s not going to change” it obviously caught my attention.

I read Jeff Bezos’ post with lots of interest as I find his advice very profound yet very practical. It was an “Aha” moment when I read Jeff’s advice to new start-ups and even well established entrepreneurs. He says we must always ask the question “What’s not going to change?”.

As a coach, I am always on the lookout for very different/unusual questions. It is these kinds of questions that make the coachee, to reflect and take action. In fact I have a long list of different questions and its a growing list. It is both, using different words to ask the same question and totally unusual questions as well. When I have my coaching conversations, I keep this list handy. This is an important part of my prep before each coaching call.

What’s not going to change ?

Bindu and I have a relationship “best practice”. Every year on our anniversary, we do an appraisal for ourselves and our marriage. We ask questions such as

  • What went well in the last year?
  • Any new goals or bucket list items that we wish to add?
  • What do we continue or stop doing?
  • Are we comfortable with the direction that our life is headed towards?

Just realised that we have been asking the same question that Bezos suggests, but in a different way :).

Here is the article that’s referred to above – Think about what’s not going to change.

What applies to life applies to business and vice versa I guess !!

Questions change

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