Product Review – Varalakshmi Sabudana

I love Sabudana Khichadi. Its comfort food for me. Geetu, my school friend, taught me how to make it in 2002. Till then I kept trying different ways of making it but never got it right. Since then of course, I make the Khichadi atleast once a month.

A very sweet memory – At the time of my marriage, I didn’t know that it was called “Javvarisi” in Tamil. One of the days, my mother-in-law made Javvarisi payasam because its something that Krishnan likes as well. I complimented her saying “the sabudana payasam is outstanding” :):). From that day, Amma would always refer to Javvarisi as Sabudana with a twinkle in her eye.

A couple of years back, while shopping for groceries at a Reliance store in Hyderabad, I found this brand “Varalakshmi” Sabudana. I bought a packet of it and found the quality to be outstanding. Ever since, I have been ordering this brand on Amazon. Its a quick soak – the sabudana is ready and fluffy in 20 minutes, so if you forget to soak it the night before, you can still make the Khichadi or payasam. The pearls hold their shape and don’t form a lump.


Interestingly enough, this is manufactured in TamilNadu. I initially thought that this was manufactured in Maharashtra given that Sabudana is a big part of Maharashtrian food.


The packaging says its a bleach free process and doesn’t contain anything else except the Tapioca Tuber. It definitely tastes great.

Highly recommend this brand of Sabudana. Have been using it for about two years now.

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