Osho Says “Fame is Foolish”

Osho - love and marriage

Osho says “If you are feeling happy inside, you don’t bother about fame;only unhappy people bother about fame. “….. Ponder over that !

#WhyISupportModi #7 – Rent a womb, No More

When Sunny Leone and her husband adopted a child I was thrilled and wanted to write a blog on how sensible that decision was in comparison to Shah Rukh Khan and his wife using surrogacy to have their 3rd child. I never wrote that blog because soon after, we heard of a series of celebs … Read more

Leadership Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita 6 – Transience

Chapter 2 Verse 16 We live our temporary lives as though we are here forever… and give importance to things that don’t last.  Modern firms are so caught up in the quarterly results that they miss focussing on their long term strategy and thereby fold up. Strange, but true. Krishna seems to speak about this … Read more

The consequences of inequality

A truck blew up in Nice….a few days back, young men shot at and killed other young people in Bangladesh…. a few days before that 200 people were killed in Saudi Arabia. The interval between terror strikes seems to shrink everyday and no nation is spared. The developed, the developing and the under-developed countries are … Read more

The malaise of cutting corners ..

Two of our favourite restaurants have forced me to mull over this topic … We went to Haldirams a few days back and I asked for my staple “Raj Kachori” which according to me, no one makes better than Haldirams. Krishnan asked for his “Chole Bhature” as always. While the process of making these items … Read more