What Right Leadership Does !

Today ISRO added another feather to its colourful hat – the Solar satellite Aditya L1 was launched successfully. What difference right leadership does !!!

Just a decade ago, ISRO was short of funds and today we have successfully executed a soft landing on the South Pole of Moon. Do read Chandrayaan 3 and ISRO and Congratulations Bharat and ISRO. A week later we have launched a Sun mission…. ISRO is just zooming ahead. Not to forget how Dr. Nambi Narayanan was treated by the UPA government. The CONgress party has much to answer for :(:(

While ISRO is firing on all cylinders, let’s look at a few other “duds” that are suddenly taking flight.

HAL – Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

Currently the stock is at +308%, Orders worth Rs. 84000 Crores, GE will partner with HAL to co-produce jet engines in India, MoUs worth Rs. 50000 Crore await finalisation and guess what .. Indian Air Force is ordering 100 LCA Tejas MK-1As, an order worth nearly USD 8 Billion. HAL also has export orders.

Just 10 years back, Dr. Raghuram Rajan said we need to have manufacturing amped up … and now he has changed his mind.

Leadership HAL

This is the problem with the CONgress cabal. And Modiji’s leadership is making such a huge difference !!

Border Road Organization

For nearly 70 years after Independence, Govt of India did little to build roads on our borders, while China kept building its border road infrastructure. I have always wondered why ! Is it some sort of secret pact with China that the CONgress party entered into ? That MoU which hasn’t been made public sticks out like a sore anti-national thumb.

Here’s a snapshot of what has been done and is continuing –

Leadership BRO - Border roads with China

Leadership matters !

Sharing the success of a few other PSU’s – Bharat Dynamics stock is up +220%; Bharat Electronics stock is up +226% and orders worth Rs. 60690 Crores… Mazgaon Docks Stock +1064% and orders worth Rs. 38755 Crores.

Defence exports to 80+ countries….

Net profits are at an all time high…

So glad to see a “Atmanirbhar” Bharat in every which way.

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