The cold heart

You are cold to touch, all the warmth has left your body. However much we hug you or cry or rub your feet, you won’t be warm again. The life force that made your blood flow has left you and you are lost to us.

RIP Taha… 

As the Earth is poured over you, and you become a part of the universe again, know that you were deeply loved and much cherished. The light of pride in your father’s eyes has just gone out, the cold in your arms has seeped deep into your mother’s heart and your sister has lost a part of her forever. God is merciful and knows what is right, but his decisions are sometimes heart wrenching. 

As you meet God, ask him to grant strength to your parents, grandparents, sister and all your loved ones, because no mortal can do that. We have no words of consolation and our shoulders have no strength to offer. We won’t ask why, we won’t say it’s unfair, we know that the God you are with knows the best, but he has to grant your loved ones, the strength to bear your loss. 

Rest in peace, son … You remain warm in our hearts, even if your heart is cold. We breathe you in every second, even if you don’t breathe anymore. We will learn to smile your smile, even if you can’t smile anymore. We will live your life, as you watch over us from up above the world. You were taller than all of us already …. Now, we will look up everyday knowing you are just there, behind those clouds. Go in peace and with all our love, and be well, till we all meet again, in God’s home. 

RIP Taha. 

3 thoughts on “The cold heart”

    • RIP Taha..May all the friends, relatives ,sister& parents have fortitude, peace & strength to bear the pain& sorrow of separation &bereavement.


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