Bite what you can chew 

Often I struggle with the jumbo sandwiches, subs and burgers …. Do you ? I guess the human mouth is designed differently and can open only so much. I have always felt messages were embedded in each body part – and the mouth’s message is to bite only that which you can chew :).  Apply … Read more Bite what you can chew 


Shiva as a boss …

Today is Maha Shivaratri – a very auspicious day. I am no expert on the spiritual aspects of this day, but Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has written about The Significance of Mahashivaratri. I thought of evaluating Shiva as a boss in our limited corporate world. All the Hindu mythology and the many Gods and Goddesses that … Read more Shiva as a boss …

The burden of ‘follow ups’

Bindu and I started on our ShikshaDaan Yatra almost a year ago. The purpose of the Yatra is to meet with our stakeholders in the higher education space, understand their varying needs and challenges, and come up with a model that can meet our ambitious goals.  In these eleven months since we started our Yatra, … Read more The burden of ‘follow ups’

The entitled Indian

Just before we started on our trip this time, we went to Sanjay’s house for dinner. During the course of our conversation, Sanjay related an incident that happened at the OM Foundation school that he runs. He went to a classroom and found the waste bin overflowing. He asked the students why it was so … Read more The entitled Indian