Dharani, you got us back to Club Mahindra…

We have been members of Club Mahindra for almost a decade now. We have stayed in more than 7 of their resorts across India. With the exception of a few occasions, one item that has been common to all our stay is that we always came away with a list of service issues, and hence we never upgraded our membership. The issues would be any one or more of the following:

  • Not enough or no direction boards especially at places where there is a fork in the road and one can get confused. We have ended up going the wrong way several times. 
  • Allotting us a room in the second or third floor where there would be no lift, despite communicating in advance that a 72 year old mother-in-law would be with us
  • Your car or vehicle can be washed and cleaned only at a particular time that is very inconvenient for the customer, always
  • Being asked by someone at the resort whether we would upgrade at a time when we would be discussing serious service related issues
  • Being called to participate in various activities, everyday without fail, when we have already informed that we have a different agenda
  • Calling their call centre number would never help you to get what you wanted. We were always apprehensive to do this
  • Difficulty in paying the ASF online 

With the above issues on one hand and the fact that we have been on our ShikshaDaan Yatra since last year on the other, led us to accumulate our days with Club Mahindra, and a good number of them were about to lapse. We decided to use our days with Club Mahindra and headed to Kerala. Bindu made the bookings online, but there were gaps in between where she couldn’t get the confirmations.

On 13th  June, Monday, I called their call centre number and my call was answered by Dharanidharan, the customer care executive. The call lasted 34 minutes and right through my conversation with him, Dharanidharan answered my questions patiently, diligently and addressed each and every issue that I had effectively. Towards the end, he summarised important items of our conversation including details so that there is no confusion. I was so happy with his commitment and delivery, that I congratulated him and promised to write about his exceptional service. I also told him about the way we felt about service at Club Mahindra basis our past experiences. 

This blog is dedicated to Dharanidharan. He even mentioned during our conversation that you should always have hope in life and should never lose hope. Thanks and all the best Dharanidharan!!

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