Where are the minutes?

Hopefully today the meetings were a little shorter and a little more productive, its Tuesday after all. Do you take notes in the meetings you attend? I know many people don’t like taking notes, but meetings have to be followed up with the minutes. One of my earliest lessons in […]

Short fuse for long meetings !

I choose this time to write this blog because in many Indian corporations, the work day has wound down and in many American corporations, and American corporations with Indian operations, the work day is half-way through. This is the “no-man’s land” of working hours, perfect to make my point. How […]

Living upto expectations ..

Happy Dussehra ! Hope everyone relaxed today and switched off their phones and office emails :):). Why take a holiday if you continue to check your phone every two minutes ? And no, the world doesn’t end because you missed replying to an email on a holiday.  The reason I […]

Are you in Beta mode?

For the first time in my life, I am using the language of techies.. In the world of technology, Beta mode refers to product testing; just before you launch your product in the market place, you give your product to a set of customers to study and use your product. […]

48 hour days and 4 day weekends

Are you smiling ? And chuckling that I have finally lost it? Hmmm Shalini must be saying that she has successfully transferred her Friday madness to me. My friend Shalini’s madness starts taking over from Wednesday onwards and progressively becomes unmanageable by Friday :):) And its good, I enjoy it. […]

You got Stress ? :):)

Ok, am not teasing on a Monday morning with those smileys … that would be so unfair to all of you who are right now struggling through traffic or struggling through the first meeting. But really, are you stressed ? Here are some symptoms to help you self-diagnose – Your […]

Things or people ?

A husband and wife are leaving on a trip. The wife is the packer, whenever they move or go out on trips, usually she is the one who packs. Since the husband is the non-interfering types and believes that whoever is competent in doing something should do it. All goes […]