Lockdown Learnings #2

#LockdownLearnings Hopefully on May 3rd, the Govt may take the decision to slowly ease out the lockdown… its a big “may”. The decision is a difficult one and the whole world seems to be really far away from being “normal” and as my friend Swapna said earlier in the day, we are all adjusting to … Read more

Dhyan, Zen and the current craze of Meditation

American management gurus have suddenly discovered Meditation and Mindfulness and like it is with everything else, they pontificate and propound eloquently about these two without knowing much about them. Not all, mind you, but there are some famous ones who are suddenly grasping at mindfulness and meditation to stay relevant. I have a problem, with … Read more

Management lessons from a sewing machine !

Yesterday I was doing “pico” on one of my new saris and suddenly realised that the sewing machine has lessons for “leaders” and “managers”. A sewing machine needs two threads – one threaded top down and the other bottoms up from the bobbin. Exactly the way we have in a company … the Management and … Read more

Elections and Leadership Lessons – 4. Change management

Very soon CEOs will be renamed CCOs – Chief Change Officers. It’s a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world that we live in and only he/she will succeed who can bring change and manage change effectively. For sometime now, my status message on our internal chat system is “Change before change, after is too late”. … Read more