The entitled employee

He joined a year back and was rated as “meets expectation” on his appraisal and he is fuming … She joined four years back, was promoted in the first year to senior processor and then she won several awards, was hoping each year to be promoted to a frontline team manager’s role, but that happened just last year. She is again rated “exceeds expectation” on her appraisal and she is unhappy because she hasn’t got the next promotion.

The latest hire comes late for the orientation and is upset that she was asked to sit outside and join during the break. Last night was a late night and she couldn’t wake up in time… and then to get to the metro took some time. Well, whats the big deal ? She is just three hours late ! This is a strange company. Maybe she should look at some other organization. A young girl getting her first job has to celebrate and whats so great about the orientation ?

Familiar scenarios ? You are dealing with the entitled employee – if they turn up at work, they should be rewarded; if they stay longer than a year, they should be promoted; every few months they need to be rewarded even if they haven’t done anything more than stretching their little finger…. The young workforce today needs to take a deep breath and get to work. They are entitled to nothing. Nobody is obliged to promote them. If they don’t show up at work, their buddy would and he/she is just as good or bad.

Put your shoulder to the grind, earn a few stripes, fail a few times, give your 200% in the first ten years of your career and then talk about what you have achieved and what you deserve. Anytime a young executive feels they have arrived, please remember, the youngest CEO in India is 11 years old and its not his father’s business. Read about Going Dimensions before speaking to your manager.

Merit wins …. Entitlement doesn’t work.


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