Stinking Driver, Slowest Frisk & a Mistaken Bag :)

We got an SMS from Indigo stating that we should plan on being at the airport early, as today was Republic Day and there was extra security check. So we booked the Uber early, around 7 am. The guy reached in time and we loaded all our bags in the boot. The first thing that … Read more

Foolproof = Customerproof; Fool = Customer

Yesterday Krishnan wanted to download the ShikshaDaan bank statements for a couple of months, so he logged onto the Kotak Bank online portal. The portal prompted him to change his password and he did. Just when he entered the new password, twice, as asked the internet connection broke and the screen froze on that page. … Read more

Security – against what ?

Oh the eternal quest for security in an essentially insecure life !!! It was fascinating to watch the security arrangements for President Obama and the First Lady’s visit to India. It’s also sad that to safeguard one man’s life you need seven layers of security, a no-fly zone, 40 sniffer dogs, and an indestructible car. … Read more