Ram Lalla – #96 Divya Desam

Ram Lalla Ayodhya

On 7th Sept, we were fortunate to get the darshan of Ram Lalla at Ayodhya Ji. A very emotional moment for us.. Ayodhya, a city being remade.

Happy Deepavali, With a Guinness Record

I received the following photos and video over WhatsApp. Just love the way Yogi Ji has been celebrating Deepavali in Ayodhya. The world record for the maximum number of oil lamps lit on a single day belongs to India now … what a beautiful way of sharing the most important festival for us with the … Read more

The land of 7000 temples – Ram Janma Bhoomi, Ayodhya

It’s only in India that, a historical figure and Vishnu’s 7th avatar, Bhagwan Ram’s birthplace can be in a district named Faizabad and there can be a dispute over the location where he was born. The Ram Janma Bhoomi case is truly surprising and shows the dirty ugly side of secular politics in our country. … Read more