Security – against what ?

Oh the eternal quest for security in an essentially insecure life !!! It was fascinating to watch the security arrangements for President Obama and the First Lady’s visit to India. It’s also sad that to safeguard one man’s life you need seven layers of security, a no-fly zone, 40 sniffer dogs, and an indestructible car.

All that you can secure is his life … Till the date of his return ticket. All human beings come with a return ticket, no one is immortal and the very insecurity that we want to secure, makes life special. I don’t have a problem with all the security that is given to POTUS and Mr. Modi and other world leaders, but really what can we secure ? No one dies before their time and no one lives forever. Also what a tough life the “leaders” have !! They cannot go anywhere “just like that”, they can’t say what comes to their mind, every action, every gesture of theirs is scrutinised and they are under the microscope all the time.

But this need for security is so deep in us … We make cars safer, we have double doors at homes, underground safes, vaults, etc etc. And we need to do more for road safety, women safety, child safety no doubt. But really what do we need to be insecure about ? Children growing up to be terrorists, the irresponsible media, the small minded selfish people, the intolerant fundamentalists, the erosion of culture, ethics and love, failing health, heart attacks at 20, the hoarders, the killers, the ones who tried to kill Malala, the ones who strapped explosives to a 10 year old girl .. We need to be insecure about all this. We so foolishly believe that money will give us the security – from what, maybe hunger and the vagaries of the weather, nothing more :):).We strip the Earth naked for our comfort and security … And the Earth wipes us out with a Tsunami, an Arctic shelf melting and changing climate.

There is no security except in nature.. Nature believes in abundance to mitigate the risk of insecurity. Till we don’t get the message, we continue to search for the elusive security that isn’t there. An abundant mindset, an abundant heart is the only antidote.

Felt super proud watching our Republic Day parade. JaiHind.

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