People’s President – APJ Abdul Kalam

APJ Abdul Kalam - Veena

Independent India has known two great Presidents Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Dr. Radhakrishnan before him… Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the People’s President.

Democracy “Siddu” style, Mumbai cricket mafia and a New President !

It has been a fascinating couple of weeks in India – both politically and some social aspects as well. First lets look at the wonderful Sasikala and her situation… the same one who lost her dearest friend, J Jayalalitha just six months back. I can never forget the tearful Sasikala standing right next to Jayalalitha’s … Read more Democracy “Siddu” style, Mumbai cricket mafia and a New President !

One life influencing another ! 

Who is the 12th President of India ? ….hmmmm like you, I have struggled with that name. Who was the 1st President of independent India ? Easy-Peasy, Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Who succeeded him ? Illustrious Dr. Radhakrishnan. And then I don’t remember many of them except Giani Zail Singh for his devotion to Mrs. Indira … Read more One life influencing another ! 

Security – against what ?

Oh the eternal quest for security in an essentially insecure life !!! It was fascinating to watch the security arrangements for President Obama and the First Lady’s visit to India. It’s also sad that to safeguard one man’s life you need seven layers of security, a no-fly zone, 40 sniffer dogs, and an indestructible car. … Read more Security – against what ?

India’s forgotten heroes – 1

Long long ago, the Chief Minister of a southern state of India got a complaint from his one of his party leaders about the police chief. He immediately called the police chief and this leader and had them sit across each other to state their respective views. It became abundantly clear that the party leader … Read more India’s forgotten heroes – 1