Book Review #15/50 – Who me, Poor?

My friend Vidya had re-posted an excerpt from this book on FB about how a young working girl was ready to sleep with a guy for money because she needed to buy the latest smartphone and I felt a chill in my spine. I don’t sit in judgment of that young girl at all, and … Read more Book Review #15/50 – Who me, Poor?

What is so special about ShikshaDaan?

Bindu and I set up ShikshaDaan Foundation in the year 2012. The next three years sort of went away as we got to get various registrations, approvals and exemptions from the Government. Also, we wanted to study the higher education space in detail and come up with a unique value delivery model that truly delivers … Read more What is so special about ShikshaDaan?

The Privileged Perspective

I read a FB post by the well known handloom aficionado Laila Tyabji and it did piss me off. I have always looked forward to her sari posts because she has an enviable collection and most times I find her views on other topics very balanced and wonderfully worded. Today’s post was wonderfully worded but … Read more The Privileged Perspective

Why failure is good …

At the end of May this year the results of the 12th CBSE board exams were announced. This year nearly 1.1 million candidates appeared for the Class 12 exams, which were held between March 9 and April 29. Girls as always performed better than boys as out of 4,60,026 girls 87.50% passed and 78% of 6,38,865 … Read more Why failure is good …

A teacher can make a huge difference!

A lot of us keep going back to when we were young and recall how our teachers were role models, and have played a very important role in what we are today.  About a fortnight back, we were driving from Gurgaon to Hyderabad, passing through a village by the name of Partapur that falls on … Read more A teacher can make a huge difference!

Do ShikshaDaan. Light up lives instead of lamps.

Every Diwali we try and do something special for the housekeeping folks and the security guards of the condominium complex that we stay in. There are nearly 50 guards and another 50 odd housekeeping staff that includes gardeners, sweepers and the garbage collectors. Last year we had ordered a special meal for them. This year … Read more Do ShikshaDaan. Light up lives instead of lamps.

The new ‘smart’ class…

Over the last ten years or so, I am witness to the emergence of a new smart class. This smart class has people that appear to be well educated, own and live in villas and apartments, drive swanky cars, travel frequently, both within India and outside, dress fashionably, have invested in multiple asset classes, use … Read more The new ‘smart’ class…

Gift an Education, change a life !

My soul sister Vidya always donates to ShikshaDaan on her birthday ever since we setup ShikshaDaan in 2012. I found the idea very interesting and also, this year as we celebrate our 25th anniversary, one of our resolutions is not to give or accept expensive gifts. Expensive is anything more than Rs. 100. We love … Read more Gift an Education, change a life !