A Sungudi today

Know a little bit more about how the Madurai Sungudi sarees are woven and a genuine source of buying them. Co-optex.

Stop.Learn.Buy …a Handloom

Tomorrow is the National Handloom Day. Do celebrate by wearing something thats handwoven – a scarf, a shirt, a kurti, a sari or a dupatta..anything. This post is for novices like me who don’t know much about the different weaving techniques and maybe don’t even know the different weaves of […]

A work week in saris

The last week was a hectic week with several meetings and travel thrown in … but also a very satisfying week spent in beautiful saris. Here’s the week in saris – 25-07-2016 – A Kanchi cotton to stay cool. This is a Co-optex Kanchi cotton that I am wearing. Awesome […]

My first “Ilkal”

The following post about the Ilkal saris by Mr. Venkatesh Narasimhan on the W3 group on April 12th, got me interested in Ilkal saris. Then Devika reached out as she supports a cluster of Ilkal weavers to preserve the technique and I finally managed to buy an Ilkal :). Wore […]

Co-opted by Co-optex !

This is my first Co-optex sari … All thanks to Venkatesh Narasimhan, the one man who is making a huge difference to this 80 year old organization. I had written about What one man can do and it’s truly amazing to see how he is changing an organization and by extension reviving […]