Satya Paul on a train and a bus !

I love some of Satya Paul’s sarees … The designs are beautiful. I said some because I don’t like the bling work. I like embroidery and classy bling (less is classy) but for some reason many of his saris have too much bling work done on them. I buy the Satya Paul sarees only during a sale. Have bought just one sari that wasn’t on sale and I wore that on the train trip from Chennai to Hyderabad in January. 

This is a crepe and was bought at the Satya Paul store in GVK One mall in Hyderabad. Krishnan and I had gone there for having lunch and while walking around found this store at the basement. This sari was draped on the mannequin and while they had another one in a similar design with a different set of colours, this one was too good to be missed. So bought it on an impulse. 

This photograph is special because Javed took this picture in his room where Enakshi, Seema, Javed, Krishnan and I had gotten together. Special memory. 

Wonder if Mr. Satya Paul has ever travelled by train … A sari designed by him did :). The neckpiece is a classic one done by Adorjo. Thanks Nisha. 

The next Satya Paul sari that travelled on a bus was bought during a sale last January at their outlet in the Ambience Mall, Delhi. I wore it first at Geetu’s place when we went there in July last year. It’s a chiffon and the colours just run into each other. This was another piece that was draped on the mannequin and looked gorgeous. I wore it during our “chaat” trip to the Mint area in Chennai. We got back to Pallikaranai by bus and again, I wonder if Mr. Satya Paul has ever travelled by a local bus … Yet another sari designed by him did :).


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