Free Free Free Vaccines & Ration !!

PM Modi just concluded his address to the nation …. and the opposition and anti-India forces are once again left licking their wounds !! There was a clamour for free vaccines by a bunch of people who give Rs. 5000/- as weekly pocket money to their teenage children and several HMVs joined in the chorus. From June 21 onwards, vaccines will be supplied FREE to all the states and private hospitals CANNOT charge more than Rs. 150/-. Hahahahaha. I would have paid top dollar to see Thugpurush and Clown Prince’s faces when Modiji made this announcement.

There was a fantastic meme in 2014 that I saved on my desktop. I don’t know who made this but remember this one always –

Modi RaGa AK - Free

And another one that is a personal favourite 🙂

Modi RaGa AK

Free Ration Too

Last year during Wave 1, 800 million poor Indians got free rations for 8 months. Let that sink in. Its probably the largest food security program anywhere on Earth. The Modi Govt. did not ask its poor to eat “anything” like the erstwhile communist governments in China did. Mr. Modi in his address just now mentioned that the same 800 million poor Indians have got free ration in May and June this year, and his govt is extending the program till Diwali which is Nov 2021.

I do want to ask the Hate-Modi-Voices and anti-India junkies to point out any other “developing” country or even “developed” country in the world that has dealt with these staggering numbers. This is the NEW INDIA. Not the snivelling, grovelling slave-to-the-white-man India !! Does that bother you? If it bothers you, just leave. Use the money that you earned here, or use the education that India provided you and change the colour of your passport. Its simple. Why live in hate?

The Counter Attacks to be Expected

  1. Taking charge of the vaccination program at this stage when the stocks are expected is incorrect. ModiJi will walk away with all the credit. Ofcourse, he should !! Who enabled the vaccine production? Your dad or the universal “Chacha” Nehru ?
  2. Free ration is being given so that BJP can win the UP elections. Yogi Ji will be the next CM of UP with or without the free ration program because he is a rockstar. UttarPradesh has administered 17.6 million vaccine doses as of May 28th. The population of U.P is 200 million …. let that sink in too. Also Yogi Ji has brought U.P’s GDP to the 2nd position … leaving behind Gujarat and TamilNadu (Double Watch Douglas can keep looking at both his watches 🙄).

Some Fun News

Free RaGa
Hahahahaha Now? Free vaccine along with free Adverb, Adjective. All because “Nalayak” Clown Prince insisted !
David Frawley
Born elsewhere but a true son of India. 🙏🏿
Thugpurush Natak
Nautanki !! Thugpurush tales

Remember, Corona hasn’t gone yet ….

Wave 2 has subsided but the virus hasn’t left for good. So please stay safe – Mask, Sanitizer and Social Distance remain the potent weapons to deal with this virus. And yes do get vaccinated. Its Free !


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  1. Seems like She follows the one who do not have guts

    1) to face press conference
    2) a two way interactive live session
    3) face opposition party outside parlament
    4) to face true news reporters


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