Jan 19, 1990 – An Exodus & A Mahaparinirvana

Jan 19 - Exodus Kashmiri Pandits

Jan 19, 1990 is a significant day in India’s history. On this day the Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits happened & Osho left his body….

Celebrating the NaMo victory !

As news started trickling in on May 23rd of yet another Modi wave, we made preparations for our celebration. We were sure that BJP and Mr. Modi will win a comfortable majority so we started the day with tea in a saffron cup 🙂 Breakfast was millet khichadi, followed by OPOS Biriyani for lunch. Then … Read more

B(F)reaking News – Rahul takes responsibility for election loss !

I almost fell out of my chair….. as am sure many of you would have after reading this blog’s title. But stay in your seats – this is my “khayali pulao”. Will there ever be a day when the Pidi-handle of CONgress takes responsibility for ANY failure?? Now here is my “khayali raita” – AAP … Read more