The Leadership Difference

While anyone and everyone at a senior level call themselves as part of the leadership team, it doesn’t make each of them a leader, even though many make that assumption.

After being a part of the corporate scene for more than three decades on all sides of the table, I have seen many people claiming to be a leader by virtue of their titles/position. Always remember, that leadership is not a position or a title. You may have the title of a CEO or Director or President …but what makes you a real Leader?

I have had several bosses in my career but just a handful of them can be truly called leaders. How did I decide on them being true leaders? I use a few simple questions to evaluate leadership.

  1. Are they genuine and authentic?
  2. Do they lead from the front?
  3. Are they good listeners?
  4. Do they have clarity?
  5. How responsible and accountable are they? To themselves and to their constituents?
  6. Are they trusting, and trustworthy?

Am sure that each one of us has our own yardstick to evaluate true leadership. Do share yours in the comments !

Leadership is one of the most researched topic and several papers, articles, books etc have been written on this subject. Here is another fantastic blog post on the subject with a focus on leadership conversation from Forbes magazine.

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