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A lot of people who hate Mr. Modi will not like this post on Geopolitics and Modiji’s astute leadership in navigating this space. This twitter thread was the first one I read today in the morning and wanted to share it immediately… but the day went on and I could share it only now.

Link to the Tweet Thread by @DextrousNinja – Importance of a strong and tactically astute leadership.

Topic: Importance of a strong and tactically astute leadership. 

1. Over the last 35 days India has made more global headlines than probably ever in her history. The biggest / most influential nations are talking about India.

2. India is the only country, who is able to evacuate all its citizens (nearly 20K) from war torn Ukraine free of cost; when most developed countries have only issued notices to citizens to make way to a nearby safe country on your own, and fly back, on your own.

3. Over this period, Russian president Putin has spoken to PM Modi multiple times; Ukrainian President Zelenskiy has also spoken seeking help; and several world leaders have pressurised India to toe the West, but India refuses.

4. In a recent UN vote, 140 countries voted decrying Russia as the aggressor. India refused to vote on that.

5. US President Joe Biden, aside calling India’s response as ‘shaky’ also tried to bulldoze India by hinting that India importing Russian Oil could attract sanctions on India. MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) hit them back strongly.

6. Ever since🇮🇳signed a comprehensive treaty with UAE, forming a strong MiddleEast conglomerate with UAE & Saudi,(& also hv bn historically close 2🇯🇵,🇮🇱 & 🇷🇺), the posturing of MEA in global issues hs bn stronger than ever 
Simply put,🇮🇳now flexes it’s muscles in-front of the West

7. The 🇨🇳FM recently landed in 🇮🇳suddenly & expected to meet PM Modi 
Modi didn’t entertain the delegation 
So they had to meet the MEA, where tiger S. Jaishankar told in no uncertain terms that…

… relations between both countries are ‘not normal’ and till Chinese troops are not removed from the border, the room for dialogue and agreement is very small. 

8. 🇯🇵PM, FumioKishida made a sudden visit to🇮🇳on a short2day trip recently & committed & signed deals worth US$42 Bn

9. Israeli PM Naftali Bennett was due to come India on Apr 2nd, but postponed the visit a bit, as he got infected with Covid.

10. Worse happened with a delegation from UK, a week ago. In a bid to coax India to change stance, Boris Johnson asked a high-powered cross-party delegation led by the Commons Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle to visit 🇮🇳 
🇮🇳refused to entertain this delegation, and it was called off.

11. The worst off-course is reserved for Pakistan. Two renowned hijackers killed, one ammunition factory destroyed from the blue, a missile ‘sent’ by mistake and yet not a word has come out from anywhere (globally or internally) condemning India.

The same PM Imran Khan who has called Modi cheap names like ‘Nazi’, ‘Hitler’, ‘small man’ in the past; who has officially asked all maps of Pakistan to include entire J&K; didn’t make any noise and in fact the next day, praised India’s external affairs strategy!!!

12. There was a time many in 🇮🇳(liberals, lefts, opposition) would hv happily voted for Imran as PM of 🇮🇳 over Modi in 2014

Imran Khan is on verge of getting kicked out of power in Pakistan after making their economy crumble to smaller than Bangladesh’s, the Pak Rupee has depreciated by 50% during his tenure and wholesale inflation is at an astounding 23%. Leadership matters!

13. You can post your ‘pray for 🇺🇦’ shit and also donate to various NGOs, but the hard truth is their leader, a cute looking one time comedian, Zelenskiy has led his entire country to war and destruction

Lakhs of🇺🇦ians will now be refugees in other country for rest of their lives 
Yet, one time, buoyed by assurances fm the west, a NATO carrot dangling in front & US companies being allowed 2 make bioweapon factories in🇺🇦,

Zelenskiy must hv thought that he is close to ruling the world, with his new friends! 
Alas…Leadership matters 

14. While watching the movie TheKashmirFiles, every 🇮🇳nwould hv wondered if this could ever happen to them

While watching the 🇷🇺-🇺🇦war footage, every 🇮🇳n would hv wondered if this could ever befall on them 

15. But deep inside most 🇮🇳ns believe tht the current govt is strong enough 2ensure no external war, extended internal CivilWar, TerrorBlasts or tragedy ll happen during this reign

16. There was a decade in 2000s, when train blasts, cafe blasts, parliament capture or hotel capture etc started looking like regular happenings. We have come a long way from that era. Leadership matters.

17. Ever since the Modi Govt & NSA tiger Ajit Doval orchestrated couple of surgical strikes into Pakistan, the neighbour’s basic activity into India (or even verbal diarrhoea) has drastically reduced. Leadership matters.

18. Hell even ArnabGoswami doesn’t feel the need to call 🇵🇰ministers & abuse them on live TV anymore! Arnab these days calls 🇺🇸& 🇬🇧ministers to fill those chairs 
Leadership matters

19. Off course, all this will fall flat the day this government is voted out, a new government comes in, gets bullied globally and we could be back to square one.

20. But till such time, our leadership matters. 

Not one significant opposition leader has criticised India’s foreign policy of late; even they have found it tough to believe this never seen before posturing.

There was another short thread by Harsh Madhusudan, that explains the reasons why Mr. Modi and his team are so good at maneuvering Geopolitics and turning the narrative in India’s favour. It feels good that our country is being led by a visionary leader !!!!

Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla with US Dy National Security Advisor for International Economics Daleep Singh, in New Delhi | ANI

Link to Harsh Madhusudan’s Tweet thread on Geopolitics –

There are many people who do not have the stomach for geopolitics and geoeconomics at the highest level. But Modi’s core team does. Mao and Deng acted like a superpower even when they were dirt poor. The world is not just what is, but what can be indeed what is willed into being.

It is an open secret that India has not been testing its missiles to their full range so that we can maintain ambiguity about the ICBM part just to show that we are not thinking beyond China. But maybe go all out including testing a H bomb (maybe) and develop MIRV etc capability.

If you go through the conversations that Mao etc had with the Americans, he treated them with disdain. Because USSR. Same with CCP today and Americans need us as much as we need them. If you have a problem let us discuss maturely. If you threaten you will be treated with disdain.

Even though Deng said keep head low etc, the fact is he had clear red lines. Taiwan and no domestic interfere etc. The Chinese crafted their econ model as it suited them then. That Biden sends an Indian American who clumsily talks about the China threat – what were they thinking?

India’s mere existence is the biggest gift to the “rules based order”. Having a 1.4b population live in a stable democracy – unheard of from Israel to South Korea – is what puts the lie to these values being Western. Enough lectures. You want to stop CCP? Good luck without India.

Hopefully Mr. Daleep Singh, the Deputy National Security Advisor of the United States of America, learnt a few lessons in geopolitics during his visit :):).

I loved the way Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman, India’s Finance minister spoke in response to the US trying to intimidate us with sanctions – “I would put my country’s interest first, I would put my energy security first. If the fuel is available at a discount, why shouldn’t I buy it ?” – So very well said. After six decades we have a Government elected by the people, actually working for the people 👏👏

MODIfied India, MODIfied Geopolitics :):)

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