Social Worker seeks ban on Coca Cola, Thums Up …. And?

Coca Cola Africa

Please understand that every glass of Coke or Pepsi or Fanta or Thums Up is pure poison. No health benefits, just empty calories and harmful sugar or even more harmful sugar substitutes. Ban these fizzy drinks from your life. Your body will thank you and the Earth will bless you. 

2018 Diwali Release :)

The sari that I wore for Diwali is an Assam silk (mulberry) and I bought it during our trip to Guwahati in Feb this year. Infact we spent a lot of time at ARTFED, the government store that sells authentic Assam handloom saris but nothing quite caught our attention. Then Krishnan spotted this one under … Read more 2018 Diwali Release 🙂

GST not important … Gandhi Scion Too !!

The venerable Mr. Anand Sharma, says GST is not important. We know its not important for you because it Heralds PROgress for the Nation !!! and if the National Herald case reaches its logical conclusion basis the information available in the public domain, it Heralds the end of Indira National CONgress you see :):) But … Read more GST not important … Gandhi Scion Too !!