Lockdown Food #4 – Vadakari becomes WadiKari !

#LockdownTales I didn’t know how to use the Punjabi Wadiyan because the only way I had seen them being used was with Potatoes. I don’t like potatoes and we rarely buy them… ok, I rarely let Krishnan and Amma to buy potatoes :):). I had a pack of Amritsari Wadiyan that I bought at a … Read more

Cutlet Dosa

Continuing our attempts to add more vegetables to our regular food – I made “cutlet” dosas. Flashed (an OPOS technique) corn, green chana and green peas and poured some dosa batter. A little bit of garam masala and green chillies or red chilli powder can be added. I didn’t add either, just adjusted the salt. … Read more

Leftover Makeover

While makeovers are popular with faces and human bodies, left over food also gets a makeover many times. Krishnan always remembered one such food item from his college days – “vadakari”. Vadakari used to be available in hotels in the mornings and it was made with the leftover masala vada from the previous day and … Read more

South Indian food + Bengali sweets = ISB dinner

Yesterday we had the NCR ISB classmates over for dinner and what an interesting evening it turned out to be ! I had initially said that we will not have children coming over as our house is not exactly child-friendly … A lot of furniture have sharp ends and except for us no other form … Read more