South Indian food + Bengali sweets = ISB dinner

Yesterday we had the NCR ISB classmates over for dinner and what an interesting evening it turned out to be ! I had initially said that we will not have children coming over as our house is not exactly child-friendly … A lot of furniture have sharp ends and except for us no other form of entertainment :):):) and I am no fun anyway till such time children speak up and like Aaliyah (6 years) are ready to give some advice to me. But it was fun to have Mehraj and Vikram’s children over …. I just missed the opportunity to get Mehraj’s son to help me clean up. Mehraj and I just couldn’t convince him to own up :):)

Am not sure if JK will agree for a car pool with Anir again … And I wonder when they reached back home. Have to check with their wives. So Anir and JK have come home before, just that they went around Ridgewood to reach and couldn’t find one of the speed breakers at the speed that Anir drove at ! JK’s priceless comment at a traffic signal when Anir moved way too slowly has to be recorded “dada, you are driving in Delhi, if you let everyone go, we will stand here forever” 🙂

Antony needed help with parking and actually he has my sympathies … He is in real trouble with his daughter Neha. She wanted to come and he tried to wriggle out of it by saying ” he had to go to Bindu aunty’s place for some work” and got a retort saying “you don’t have to go, you want to go”. All his advertising experience is not working with Neha. He just has to get geared up for interesting times ahead.

Vandana learnt how to flip masala dosas.. And Ria got ideas on how to get her mom to drink Benadryl so that she can go out and have fun as she turns a teenager shortly. Akash and Anuradha remembered the ice cream in time .. I had left the bag in the bedroom and couldn’t recollect it when Akash asked me, but the ice cream is fine. No damage done.

Sanchita couldn’t get my favorite kaccha gola and in return we couldn’t get any Coke, so we managed with Pepsi which she didn’t drink and remained loyal to Coke. The other two Bengali sweets were outstanding as was the Mishti Doi.

Mom had made outstanding food, the idli, sambhar and chutney were a big hit. The tamarind rice that I had made needed some marketing and Vandana supported me … We were listening in Prof Krishnamoorthy’s class it seems as we managed to push up the offtake of the rice too.

Dinner conversation ? Well we gossiped about politics and our classes … Yes professors and classmates too, and we managed to bug Anirban. We still need to resolve the mystery of three Paradise biriyani packets that never reached home and the Karachi biscuits, none of which reached. We will pursue the investigation at the next dinner venue 🙂

We missed Arvind and Sandeep, who couldn’t come over and Vidur who is not in town, but this was too much fun and needs to be repeated.

The best coincidence was the Mumbai gang also had met last evening for dinner so Whatsapp had a healthy exchange of pictures. Maybe we need to start coordinating these !

Thanks Vandana, Sanchita, Antony, Akash, Anir, JK, Mehraj, Vikram, and the families for a great evening.

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