A Power Cut … Oh No !

Power Cut

Today we had a power cut in our condominium for nearly eight hours. We were informed of it yesterday, but the window of the outage kept getting extended. In 18 years of living here, we have never experienced such a long outage because this condominium like many others built by DLF, has 100% power backup. … Read more

De-cluttering Continued – Clothes & Books

I had written earlier about Marie Kondo’s book – Book Review #1/50 – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and how I had de-cluttered my sarees. We continued with the de-cluttering exercise and first de-cluttered Krishnan’s suits, shirts, pants and ties. Had the same experience as with the sarees, in that, we found shirts that were favourites but … Read more

Book Review #1/50 – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

On our way back to the airport from our reunion on Nov 24, 2018 Amit mentioned this book about de-cluttering to Vandana and I. We then spoke about our habits of keeping our places clean and I mentioned how I try and only replace sarees rather than adding to my collection. I bought the book … Read more