Something left undone …

A whole weekend goes by and the Monday is gone too, but the sense of something left undone remains. A series of incidents and the feelings they generated is what this post is about…

Friday night when Amma and I returned from Chennai, I got the 27th row – I just don’t like being a the end of a plane, don’t know why. Anyway, we reach Delhi, get off the plane and one bus had already left. There is bunch of 6 or 7 young men some in front of us and some at the back. As soon as the next bus comes in two guys in the front get onto it and immediately the 3 or so at the back push us aside and climb in … No amount of polite glaring helps. And then these guys proceed to stand right at the entrance so nobody else could get in. Ofcourse my old avatar of asking the difficult questions came forth and I said loudly “can you guys move ahead” guess because I was a woman and had such a loud voice, there was stunned silence. Then two others tried to push me from the back – again in my loud voice I said “your brothers are moving, could you wait a second before pushing me?” … There is a small tiny percentage of people that reach on time for anything in Delhi. So I have never understood this mad rush to board a bus/train etc – someday I will ask someone and understand it 🙂

But Delhi is still the city that brings a smile to my face everytime I return to It from anywhere.

And then today Rajesh wrote about the Padma awards – what a shame !!

Here is my comment on it….

Bindu Krishnan (Gurgaon) says:
February 06,2012 at 01:07 PM IST
Rajesh – when we allow criminals into the hallowed halls of the parliament as members and a puppet Prime Minister to rule our country, any award is automatically devalued. We are a graceless society – men dont wait for an old woman/man to board the train/plane/bus first, a little girl cannot sleep in peace because her father might abuse her, doctors have targets for the number of surgeries they do …. we have no grace, we are a shameless lot. Otherwise Antilla would not happen, the 100th ton would not matter more than the country’s pride, Kabbadi players would not have to beg for their ticket fare after winning a tournament. Looks like some God’s grace is still on us – otherwise we are doomed.
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(Reply to Bindu Krishnan)- Rajesh Kalra says:
February 06,2012 at 01:13 PM IST
Thank you, Bindu for your comment. What you have written is scary, but true! Regards
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(Reply to Bindu Krishnan)- naveen vittal (Bangalore) says:
February 06,2012 at 03:35 PM IST
An excellent satire on the evils of our society. The question is how would one change this society. The educated and working class are too distracted and lack the oppositional mentality to revolt. The farming and backward classes are ignorant and illiterate and are focused on their daily bread and butter probblems. Looks difficult to come out of the hole.

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