Her magical touch

Her hands are gnarled, she can’t hold the knife or “aruvamanai” to cut vegetables, her hair white, her teeth gone but her touch remains intact – just like her heart of gold. I love my mother-in-law, it’s no fashion statement. I knew of the hardships she has gone through before I met her and the instant I met her, it was like the son – love at first sight. She is loads of fun, a super sharp intellect, great instinct, a born leader, a true feminist and above all an awesome presence. The entire family revolves around her, the same people who made her life hell stay in touch because they know she is a genuinely great soul.

What can I say about her touch – she can cook anything and it tastes divine. I learnt to cook from her, but I don’t have even 10% of her repertoire. Yesterday I went for 10 mins in the morning to say bye and she had made “katrikai” (brinjal), am still licking my fingers. I don’t eat bitter gourd at all except when she makes it. She is gifted with the magical touch !!

There is so much to write about Amma … It will run into several pages and several hours. Wait for the next installment. This is just about her magical touch with food. 🙂

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  1. Tried posting this comment on your blog but it didn’t go through so sending it directly to you.

    ” I once had the privilege of meeting this wonderful lady when Krishnan took me home to meet her and his brother when we were visiting on a business trip (marketing condoms – but we didn’t share that detail with his Mum). I was immediately struck by her warmth (to an absolute stranger who couldn’t speak her language), dignity and confidence. I have never forgotten that occasion because for me it is always an honor to be taken into a friend’s home to enjoy a simple family meal and especially to meet his/her family. Thank you Krishnan, I am sure your Mum would not remember me but please let her know that I will always remember meeting her.
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