I am inconvenienced :)

Days when things don’t go the right way …. I try and send an email to the organisation about day one of Pratibimb and am still trying. I reboot my laptop and now the names are validating at a snail’s pace. I have a short fuse, but it gets even more shorter when things like this happen.

Yesterday a meeting started half hour late – again my short fuse was blown because I don’t like any of my meetings to start late and half hour late was criminal. All because we had two rooms booked instead of one and one group went to one room and the other to the next. And then once all of us managed to find each other, the technology wouldnt work !! The webex invite that i send to one colleague, he forwards to another.. It works for the guy who got the forwarded email but not for the one I sent it to 🙂 The title of the session was “12 Lessons of 2012 – Lesson 1” – how appropriate.

I could have planned yesterday’s session better and avoided the heart burn, but today – what’s my fault? Mailing lists take forever ? I think it’s the Karma theory – I complained in Chennai that it takes forever for emails to go and today it’s taking forever to go from the Gurgaon centre.

Take a chill pill ? Yes ofcourse. Applying the advise I gave earlier in the day “don’t confuse inconveniences with problems. Problem is when there is a gun pointed at your head. All else is inconvenience.”

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