Flowers & Morning Walks

I enjoy walking, particularly the early mornings. There are fewer people around and you can clearly hear the birds and squirrels. I love taking pictures of flowers, they just lift my mood. Every winter I try and get lots of flowers and put them in all the rooms.

For the past week or so it has been raining, so the shrubs, trees and plants are all looking fresh.

Here are some pics from my morning walks –

Nandiyavettai (Tamil Name). I don’t know the name of this flower in Hindi or English. It looks like a double jasmine.
Is it the Bush Clockvine ? Search credits – Google :):):)
Camelia ? that’s the closest I got to figuring this one out from Google.
Yellow Oleander

I also found a green coloured bird camouflaged beautifully amidst the leaves. The same bird had visited our balcony a few weeks back. Not sure if its a baby parakeet or just a green colour bird.

Flowers and birds
Find the bird 🙂

The bird that visited our balcony –

Flowers and Birds
A small green coloured bird – any idea which bird this is ? Baby Parakeet?

Nature is so full of beauty, music and its own rhythm …. all that the intelligent Man can do is destroy it in the name of progress. Am fine with progress but its also important to stay in tune with nature.

Also busy days don’t allow us to stop and smell the roses. Morning walks help in doing just that. Go ahead take that walk.

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