Selfie, Studio, Passport Pics and Appraisals

Appraisals are stressful times for most people …. I loved them, still do even though am not into the formal work environment. I learnt the most important thing there is to learn about appraisals in my very first job. The franchise centre of NIIT at Vizag is where I started my career and the partner’s husband worked on oil rigs. He ofcourse expanded my vocabulary of swear words but also shared this insight – “the appraisal and the firing conversation must never be a surprise”. If it is then, the manager is at fault.

360 Degree Tool

The 360 degree feedback is basically ensuring that appraisals are wholesome and the employee gets useful feedback. 360 degree tool is – the employee does self appraisal, his/her manager and subordinates give feedback and peers, clients and other stakeholders also provide feedback on certain areas. The assumption is the employee gets specific feedback that he/she can work on.

Photographs and 360 deg feedback

A couple of days back we went to a photo studio to get our recent passport size photographs clicked and printed. Here’s mine taken in a studio –

Appraisals - Studio, Selfie, Passports

The Bindi is off centre and I look like am under duress 😝.

Now the same morning, I clicked a selfie –

Appraisals - Selfie Studio Passport
Significant difference ?

Now for the best one … a year back when I got my passport renewed –

Appraisals - Selfie Studio Passport

Even am scared looking at myself 😔.

Sometimes, the 360 degree is exactly like my pics above. The self appraisal is all sunshine, smiles and pat on one’s own back with achievements listed across a few pages. The boss and subordinates give feedback that brings a particularly strained look on your face, like my picture taken at the studio. Now, feedback from clients and other stakeholders can scare the hell out of you !! Then you look like I do in the passport pic. :):)

How do you avoid getting that scary feedback ? Well, work hard through the year and have regular 1:1’s with your boss and your subordinates. Keep up a schedule of formal client and stakeholder reviews throughout the year. It should help you get a good 360 feedback at the time of your appraisal.

Fun way to remember appraisals ?? Now have real fun with them.

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