National Handloom Day 2022

Today happens an important day for three reasons – one, my school friend Enakshi celebrates her birthday today, its Friendship Day and its the National Handloom Day ! We also got to enjoy an amazing brunch with our neighbours.

To celebrate the National Handloom Day and Enakshi’s birthday, I wore a saree that my soul sister Vidya gifted me – a classic maroon Kanchi silk with tiny checks ❤️. And yes, it is from Gopinath’s looms. Vidya and I have only been buying from Gopinath ever since we discovered him :). A Son’s Gift !

This is a timeless saree. Can be worn today and can be worn twenty years later – it would look just as great.

Handloom Day - Gopinath red checks
Handloom Day - Gopinath red checks

The yellow and red stone beads (I think they are yellow Jasper) are from Desh Maheswari, one of my all time favourite beads.

I have started reading Kalki Krishnamurthy’s Sivagamiyin Sapatham which is set in the times of the great Mahendra Pallavar and Narasimha Pallavar. Kanchipuram was the capital of the Pallavas. Emperor Mahendra Pallavar is the one who built those magnificent temples at Mahabalipuram. Even in those days, the Kanchi Silk was famous and much sought after.

Handwoven Kanchi Silk

The Kanchi silk saree can be worn right through the year. Its cool in the summers and warm in the winters. The more you wear and wash these sarees, the silk grows lustrous. But do make an effort to buy pure silk from genuine weavers like Gopinath. (Contact @ 919894665297 or follow @GO2Peak on Twitter).

Our beautiful handloom heritage is something to be proud of … India is the mother of nearly all the weaving techniques. Do support the weaver who weaves magic every single day but can’t fill his stomach because factory produced textiles are cheaper :(.

Wearing a hand woven saree is like wearing a unique piece of clothing because no two hand woven products will be the same, even if the same weaver has woven them on the same loom. There will always be tiny differences. But that’s the beauty !

Everyday you get to wear something that no one else has – is there a better way to start your day ?

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2 thoughts on “National Handloom Day 2022”

  1. This is evergreen classical saree mam.. if you supposed to watch old movies you can able to see the saree.

    Many generations passed by. Still love on this saree never lost.

    We have made countless sarees in this pattern. Still people are demanding it.

    Thank you for came up with nice thoughts about the saree and about the events of the day..


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