Do You Hate Your Boss?

I never had to hate any of my bosses over almost three decades of my work in organisations. But I definitely did not like some of them for some of their actions and inactions, prejudice, unfairness, micromanaging including editing my emails, lying, using paid time for personal/family work, and the […]

Cost of Employee Turnover

While the rate at which people are leaving for greener pastures at all levels from organisations across the world are cause of concern and worry to many,  most people don’t have clarity or clue to how to calculate the cost of employee turnover to their organisations. In fact for those […]

First Day at Work!

Most organisations, in my view, do not understand the importance of giving a ‘wow’ experience to the employees on their first day at work. Very unfortunate, but TRUE. In my own case, about one in three companies that I had worked for during my three decades of work managed to […]