Amazing day

You dream of such days !!!! And they do come by – today was one such day.

It started with registering the ShikshaDaan trust. ShikshaDaan is our life’s project and the first and very important step of registering it was taken today. Simple process and it got done in time. Now it’s just a question of getting the website ready and we are in business – the business of helping some children/people to get educated. There is something about March, some karmic connection. Krishnan and I met in March 22 years back and started our life together, today in March we gave life to our dream project.

Then I received my degree certificate – after 23 years 🙂 had never collected it from Osmania university. And the person who helped me in getting it was 9 years old when I graduated … Met me for the first time when she was 11 and now works with me – coincidences, karmic connections, enduring friendships? Yes, all that and more. Thanks Nisha !

And corporate happiness – my outlook migration happened without any problems, contacts uploaded, blackberry wiped and reactivated … No loss of contacts ! Bliss and so many folks would be envious at work.

Getting selected for ISB’s PGPMAX program is another high… One conversation yesterday was a dampener but that too shall change.

Shouldn’t I be just as thrilled everyday ? After all everyday begins with good news – you are alive ! What more do you want ? As long as you can breathe, think, hear, see – everything is possible. Rejoice and celebrate.

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