F1 On a tight turn …

Riding a bicycle in India should be easy given the number of people who use the bicycle as a means of transport ! But it is a nightmare trying to manoeuvre through the traffic. Today morning while returning from our ride a car nearly cut us off and would have hit an oncoming car… No provocation, we were riding in our leftmost lane and the car was entering its condo complex and suddenly the driver thought he was behind an F1 car’s wheel. Just a couple of days back one of our fellow cyclists was hit by a car on his way to work on the cycle – rather than making it safer, there is hardly any care for a cyclist.

Life is a cycle and everyone will be on the saddle sooner or later …. For health or want of fossil fuel, and then it will be like Holland where the cyclist is supreme !

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  1. Washington Metro area is on a long term development plan to develop pedestrian and cycle friendly urban centers and have so far constructed hundreds of miles of cycle tracks, established cycle racks downtown, provide cycles for rent, and the law stipulates right-of-way for cyclists. Your club needs to start some advocacy action…get in the face of developers and planners…..dont allow the ubiquitous automobile to take over your environment


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