Not to miss this class

Just finished watching a painfully inane movie by one of the greatest directors of all time – K Balachander. The movie is titled “Velli Vizha” …. It really didn’t feel like it was directed by K Balachander. This is the same man who has directed some of the best movies in Tamil cinema and produced hits with an unlikely “not good looking” hero called Nagesh who ofcourse was a great actor !!

It made me wonder about the geniuses and the way their mind works – a Newton who made a big hole and a small hole for his big cat and the kitten to Richard Bach writing Illusions and then nothing that measured up to that book or more recently “A time to kill” being released much after classics like “The firm” by John Grisham…… There are duds that are delivered by the greatest minds – what trips them up ? Am sure they recognise that not all they do is genius level, but are they not able to accept it as mediocre and thereby not bring it into public space ? Or is it that the distinction is not felt by them ?

If geniuses can periodically produce duds in their chosen field, shouldn’t we be more accepting of our failures ? Failures teach us a lot more than success does – it’s a class one shouldn’t miss.

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