The window seat got occupied ….

I love the window seat in an airplane – lets you cut yourself away from the rest of the people and offers great views ! I never use a public toilet even if it means several hours, its just a quirk from childhood thats gotten even more of a well defined quirk 🙂 so the window seat is perfect for me.

Just to close yesterday’s sign off – the window seat did get occupied so I was stuck in the middle seat and Krishnan was in his favorite aisle seat. I didnt write anything yesterday because I was tired… not having the window seat didnt make a difference ! 

The last two days have been so eventful and I need maybe 20 mins of uninterrupted time to write a long post…

I would like a two seat version in life with the window seat for me and the aisle seat for Krishnan – it fits us both. I, the anti-social introvert and Krishnan, the ebullient, social extrovert. Need to explore this picture a bit more 🙂



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