Story of Vikesh’s wedding



Ok finally here it is – tracking the last few eventful days.

On Saturday we reached Mumbai after dropping off Amma at Danam’s place. Went straight to meet Vijaya Mami at her workplace. Took the Worli sealink for the first time. The city of Mumbai looks fancy from a distance, it’s only when you get closer that the muck gets to you.

Mami’s wellness centre is so amazing, the energy is great and meeting her is so energising always. Met Anju and Dimpy for the first time. Attended a few mins of the class that was happening that day. Ate the amazing food made by Mami’s kitchen. The bright green beans curry, the dal, the salad …. Everything was so tasty and filling. Her logic on food and the impact it has on your body is irrefutable. 45 years of wisdom !!! I finally have a picture with Mami. The best news is Dimpy is shifting back to Delhi in March and will start the counselling sessions here. I can get trained as well. Infact I want to organise the 3 days workshop for people, have spoken to Kabir and we just need to make it happen. Once we learn how to cook the Mami way, don’t think anyone would want to eat the ‘regular’ unhealthy way !! I tried the beans subzi yesterday – mine was far from being green, it has the greyish tinge of death and guess we ate some very boring beans yesterday :):):)

Left Mami’s place (Dr. Annie Besant rd, after Podar Ayurvedic college) around 3 and reached ITC Grand Maratha by 330, checked in, slept for sometime and then got dressed for the party. Met some of Vikesh’s friends, his brother and nephews. Wore my yellow benarasi sari from the Valkalam collection 🙂 came back rather late at 1 am and just crashed.

Sunday – woke up by 6, guess we are hard wired to waking up early and woke up with a head ache, ate an amazing breakfast in the coffee shop, could have continued eating the idli, so good it was. Then went to Oberoi mall and the auto guy cheated us of 50 bucks, asked for 150 and was hoping to wait for us so he could bring us back and get a full 100 bucks free… Didn’t work for him. We let him go and walked in to Swati snacks who don’t open till 1230 !! A little boy and a little girl got super scolded by their respective mom’s as they escaped their clutches – how cute.

Ate some Maharastrian food, Satpadi roti (awesome), chana corn dhokla, and my fav bhel puri. They didn’t have sabudana ki khichdi 🙁 ended the treat with amazing ice cream at Haagen Daz !! Had to make up the loss of sabudana khichdi 🙂

Came back to the hotel in 100 bucks. Tried to sleep for sometime as the headache refused to go. Krishnan woke up around 4 and got ready for his pagadi session by 5 and then began the “drama hour” – no hot water in the shower and I had to wash my hair !! Crisis and Krishnan just couldn’t understand why I had to wash my hair. Do men in general not notice great hair, dull hair, boring hair ? Guess we women get too tangled up in our hair. Anyway after an hour and 10 minutes of behaving as a difficult customer I managed to get one bucket of tepid water.

Now, can someone please train the hotel staff to change their tone when the customer is irritated ? The sugar sweet, yes ma’ams and no ma’ams don’t work – teach people to solve my problem ! Not sweet talk to me. If they had just offered to bring me a bucket of hot water, I would have been a happy customer !

Anyway, got dressed in another Benarasi, probably the best sari I have in my collection and off we went for the pre wedding sehra bandi ceremony. Vikesh’s touched my feet, oh so cute, and I made him do it properly and got three pics. Now to get them from him and store them safely, priceless opportunity 🙂

Went with the baraat to get Vikesh’s married off to Priyanka… Had to see Farhan Akhtar before that, and he is eye candy, good to look at and such a sport ! Danced as soon as he was asked to 🙂 sweet. Ate some food after Priyanka entered the scene. She looked lovely. Met her finally and really liked her. God bless them both and may they have a great life together. Got back to Delhi on Monday and just had to catch up on beauty sleep.

That’s the Vikesh wedding story… Nice way to spend a weekend 🙂





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