The Commies are Coming – Stay Alert, Stay Alive

A few days back, there was a story about the ace Indian swimmer Mihir Sen posted by the twitter handle @thekaipullai. Read the entire thread here – Thread on Mihir Sen. For those without a Twitter account or without the patience (like me) to read through the thread, am pasting the entire thread collated using the “thread reader” app.

Thread by @thekaipullai: You guys remember Mihir Sen, the first Indian to swim the English Channel, the Palk Strait, The Dardanelles, The Panama Canal and pretty muc…

You guys remember Mihir Sen, the first Indian to swim the English Channel, the Palk Strait, The Dardanelles, The Panama Canal and pretty much every other long distance swims that exist?

We all remember him as a swimmer. But there’s another story, most of us don’t know

Once he was done with his swimming career, he established a factory for silk exports in Calcutta. Thru his acumen, he transformed it into India’s second largest silk exporter. Then Jyoti Basu happened.

He requested Mihir Sen to campaign for his CPI in the 1977 election. Mihir Sen refused and stood as an independent candidate against Jyoti Basu. Jyoti Basu won. He then unleashed one of the most vicious personal vendettas in the history of vendettas, against Mihir Sen. First they started spraying graffiti outside his factories and shops.Repeated strikes started taking place in his factories, bringing production down to zero. Trucks, filled with stocks, meant for export, were burnt down.

Police filed false cases against him. His house was raided multiple times, assets were frozen and cash was seized. Mihir sen was hounded into Bankruptcy by Jyoti Basu. Poor guy had dementia by the time he was 50. He died in penury at 67.

India’s ace swimmer, a Padma Bhushan and a successful businessman, was hounded to death by our communist comrade Jyoti Basu. Jyoti Basu was probably the worst leader in the history of Independent India. In the name of communism, this guy destroyed an entire state. As true communists do, he refused to give good healthcare to the people of the state, but went to London for treatment when he fell ill.


His Daughter lives in London, amongst the so called bourgeoisie, while her father is hailed as some sort of communist hero. Jyoti Basu was just another duplicitous, vicious power mad leader, who puts on a humble face in the name of communism. Jyoti Basu was probably the worst political leader or a CM in India’s history. At least as bad as Laloo Prasad Yadav.

Some People feel sad that this blood sucking parasite didn’t become India’s PM. It was our good fortune that he didn’t. Scary to imagine what he could’ve done. And yeah, Communism Sucks. Communism Annihilates. Communism destroys you so hard, that, if you are lucky, it will take generations for you to get back up. Most of the time, you won’t.


I made a mistake, it’s not his daughter, but his granddaughter who lives in London, and is supposedly a famous chef. Pretty ironic profession for someone, whose Grandfather almost destroyed agriculture during his time as a CM.

And a few days back, Commies led by Comrade Yogendra Yadav (Sicko@$*&) were back with a wonderful mission titled “Mission Jai Hind”. Posting the action plan below –

Yogendra Yadav Tweet
Commies Action Plan to annihilate India


Just read point number 7.1 – “All the resources (cash, real estate, property, bonds etc) with the citizens or within the nation must be treated as national resources available during this crisis;”. Yeah baby, I work my ass off and put aside my savings and you commie vultures will dip into it as and when you please ???? And call it Mission Jai Hind ? The same cabal has been ruling the roost in Independent India, rewriting history, making barbarians like Aurangzeb, Khilji into Martyrs, Hinduphobia into an art form, and most importantly keeping the poor forever poor so that their paymasters like the first family of CONgress, The poor farmer Pawar, The Chor ex-FM Chidu, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Yadav, Moneybags D K Shiva Kumar, Blind Karuna(illa)Nidhi etc can rob us blind while mouthing inanities like “Gareebi Hatao”. The only “gareebi” they hataoed was their own !!

BEWARE – The Commies are coming and they are looking for Mihir Sens to form the foundation on which their regime can flourish once again. They are ably supported by extremists from every faith, the jehadis, the rice bag converters and the Dhimmi Hindus :(:(:(. 

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