The world is an Ostrich :(

Every time there is a terrorist attack, only one image comes to my mind – a 10 year old girl blowing herself up in a crowded market place. Boko Haram had convinced her to become a human bomb and she blew herself up in a crowded market place killing hundreds .. I can’t convince my … Read more

The Vivekananda series …….. 8. Transformation

This is one of Swami Vivekananda’s quotes that’s so easy not to follow 🙂 because he says it’s better to wear slippers than carpet the whole Earth !! It goes completely against what we like to do – change others while we want to remain unchanged. 🙂 As we litter the streets or throw out … Read more

Misplaced priorities

A few weeks back I happened to see the program “Airtel Super Singer” that’s aired on Vijay TV. There are two versions of it – for the above 18 folk and then a junior version where any child who can sing can participate. The prize is always a flat in Temple Greens from Arun Excello … Read more