The world under your fingertips …

Today is the day, five years back when the world was placed under our fingertips in the real sense of the statement …. Because 5 years back on this day Steve Jobs launched the iPad. Of all the Apple products I think the iPad is the most significant one because it has completely changed the way one uses the internet and technology in everyday life. I did my exec MBA, the PGPMAX entirely on the iPad, probably used 20 sheets of paper at the most. All my notes are on the iPad. 

I started blogging in 2012 and I haven’t written a single blog on a laptop… Everyone of the blogs including this one has been written on the iPad. I listen to songs only on the radio or on the iPad – can’t remember using a CD since we got an iPad. For bookworms like Krishnan and I, the Kindle app is a God sent. Infact I think the only thing that Steve Jobs didn’t do was to ensure Amazon delivered books through the iPad only or that Kindle was available through the iPad only. We haven’t bought any book except over Kindle and all magazines are through Magzter or Zite. 

I haven’t logged into Facebook through a computer .. Guess I will struggle a bit :):). Linkedin, Twitter, Newspapers, email, shopping, even Sudoku is on the iPad. 

Yes am an unabashed Apple fan, but the fact is they make the best stuff – I have used an Android phone for the past two years just because I didn’t want to buy the expensive iPhone …. And it sucks. Sorry, but Krishnan’s Samsung phone got him so mad that he nearly banged the phone on the floor because he couldn’t pick up many calls – you can swipe all you want, the phone would just keep ringing :):).

There is a reason why Apple is the most valuable company in the world – it’s products are easy to use , intuitive and do what they are meant to do. That they are all so pleasing to the eye is just the cream on the top. 

Thank you Steve ! 

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