Choking Dhani, Choked Amer and a fogged out Taj

The first time we heard of Chokhi Dhani was way back in 1998. Veena and her husband planned to spend New Year’s Eve at Chokhi Dhani and she told me it was an ethnic resort. We went there for the first time in 1999 and it was quaint and pretty. Then we visited it many … Read more

Parental indulgence and it’s serious consequences…

Couple of days back I was watching on television an episode of a Tamil language reality program named ‘Neeya Naana’. The program focuses on socially relevant issues through debate and dialogue with impacted people and domain experts coming in to share their perspectives.  In this particular episode, the topic was on the youngsters riding the … Read more

Wisdom is fickle

I feel wisdom and age are inversely proportional, contrary to what most people think. Let me try and explain why.. A baby is helpless, but is clearly focussed on what is absolutely important in life – food, shelter for the body and love and learning for the soul. The baby doesn’t care about how slim … Read more

Misplaced priorities

A few weeks back I happened to see the program “Airtel Super Singer” that’s aired on Vijay TV. There are two versions of it – for the above 18 folk and then a junior version where any child who can sing can participate. The prize is always a flat in Temple Greens from Arun Excello … Read more