Not mindless terror attacks !!

The man who the world calls as a plunderer and a savage killer gave notice before attacking !! And he was no plunderer or savage killer either … Our trip to Mongolia brought the right perspective on Chinggis Khan. Please read this book titled “Chinggis Khan, The making of the modern world” by John Weatherford. Nara, our guide had suggested it to us and we have bought the book already. Chinggis Khan never surprised his adversary – he would send an emissary and find out if the ruler of that Kingdom would accept his rule, and he would not attack otherwise he would attack at a specific date and time. His army was superior and he was a great warrior so he never had to fear a loss. That man is probably as great a king as Alexander but the world views him so negatively – unfortunately World history is Eurocentric and that tiny part of human history gets glorified.

But this isn’t about the Eurocentric world history .. This is about the terrorist attacks. Paris is bleeding and our hearts go out to those that lost their loved ones and those that died. These attacks bring back painful memories of the Mumbai terror attacks. There was this Facebook post which needs to be posted here – 
Mumbai, the school attack in Pakistan, Charlie Hebdo, Nigeria, Syrian crisis, Beirut, Baghdad and now Paris … It’s a never ending tale of killings. And there are new terrorist organizations that come up every day !! You kill a Saddam Hussein, an Osama and an ISIS springs up …

Just as the Eurocentric history does a disservice to the rest of the world, especially Asia and Africa, a Eurocentric view of terrorism and labelling it as “senseless” killings is not helping. These are premeditated, carefully planned attacks – why ? There is religion involved – the religion of money, big business. 

Also the United Nations is in reality DIS-United Nations and America and UK cannot decide what’s right or wrong in the world. To solve this business of terrorism, you need the countries who harbour these business men to be part of the discussion. America’s solution of killing Saddam Hussien backfired and the world is dealing with a monster called ISIS. US of A is a young country and the young cannot understand the ways of the old…. Africa, Middle East, Asia have old civilizations and their advise has to be heeded. US of A supported and armed Pakistan and how nice of them to have harboured Osama. Really sweet. Old game of hide and seek… Just that Pakistan hid him for a longtime while their biggest benefactor sought him. :(.

Kill the business of terrorism, don’t just pray for the world, pray for the world to change and pray for a wiser world !!

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