What you promise 

The Airtel 4g advert has been successful, because it has helped Airtel gain NEW customers in big numbers. So the advertising agency has successfully delivered the results it promised to Airtel. Has Airtel in turn delivered to its customers ?? The answer is a resounding NO. The Airtel 3G services don’t work in a city like Pune and the advertisement promises uninterrupted service in the remotest parts of India.

A pipe dream as of now. Guess what, the saddest part is the Indian customer expects no better. So if Airtel does not deliver on what it promises it’s OKAY. We will laugh about it, find some contact and get the problem solved, or just live with it since Airtel is a big company and who will go fight with them !

Now, as you take the next sip of that coffee or tea – ask yourselves, what have you promised to your team ? And have you delivered on your promise ? This Tuesday answer just these two questions. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver – if a person cannot be promoted, say so. If a person cannot be given an increment, say so. Don’t just promise and then say, “they” or “management” didn’t allow it. You as a manager are “they” and “management”.

Am sure the coffee or tea suddenly went cold … It’s ok, get another cup and refresh yourselves, but do answer these two questions today. 🙂

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