When you lie 

Happy Monday morning folks ! As you take that sip of coffee do mull over any lie that you have uttered since morning :). Nothing wrong with lies, and all of us lie. It’s scientifically proven. Some of us lie all the time about small and big things, and in comparison, some of us are more candid with ourselves and others. Which category do you fall in ?

I have lied to save face or to not hurt the other person – if someone has gained a lot of weight especially a girl friend, I will probably not say it to her face as it is bound to hurt her. I will try and push her to exercise more or maybe take her with me for a yoga class etc. But, I don’t lie about someone’s performance or my own performance, I don’t fudge numbers, I will never make some result look better than it is just to gain some points – I am candid and I call a spade, a spade. 

When you lie about your abilities or results, it’s a lot of stress on you to remember what you said you did and maintain the lie …. And remember none of us works in isolation. Someone else who knows you didn’t do what you said you did may join the same team and then what do you do ? Stick to the truth about your skills and achievements – it’s easier to manage under all circumstances and be candid in your feedback. That helps your team member improve himself/herself. 

When you lie, you have to create a web of lies like a Spider-Man :):) and we all know our wrists have no secret sauce to spurt and create a web !! So stick to the truth. 

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