Bite what you can chew 

Often I struggle with the jumbo sandwiches, subs and burgers …. Do you ? I guess the human mouth is designed differently and can open only so much. I have always felt messages were embedded in each body part – and the mouth’s message is to bite only that which you can chew :). 

Apply that today at work. You cannot do all the projects, you cannot lead all the functions and you cannot process all the claims in one minute … So why do you say yes to everything ? It’s ok to refuse doing something if you don’t have the time for it. It’s ok to refuse doing something that you don’t have the skill for. If you accept all the projects then you can’t do justice to all of them, so pick a few projects, allocate resources to them and deliver well. Imagine stuffing a Big Mac into your mouth in one bite, Can’t ? But that’s what you attempt to do when you say yes to all projects. 

Since this was a post inspired by food, I have posted it during lunch. Hope all of you enjoyed lunch and bit off only what you can chew. Now, go do the same at your desk :). 

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