Man’s search for connectivity 

The modern life cannot be lived without a cellphone connection – preferably 3G and 4G because you need to tweet your position, Whatsapp your lunch, update your mood on Facebook and speak on endless conference calls for work. Imagine if you couldn’t access email or a cellphone loses connectivity … […]

Skill thrills !

We had to take in our cycles to the Probikers store on OMR road, Chennai because I couldn’t fit the left pedal correctly. We knew about them as we had rented a Trek bike for four days a couple of years back when I had visited Chennai for work. When […]

ONIM and TGIF syndrome ..

I wanted to write this just before a Monday, on a Sunday evening, when many many office goers are getting things ready for the workweek and are saying aloud or in their minds “Oh No, It’s Monday” !!! Are you ? Am not :):):) and you want to trade places […]

Anywhere office ! 

Today I had a call to take at 2.30 and Krishnan had to sign about 1500 papers at the same time … I know the 1500 papers got your attention :). These are for ShikshaDaan. These papers had to be signed at our CA’s office in Paschim Vihar which is […]

The Dog’s life :)

Just before Alexander the Great left for his world conquest, he went to see master Diogenes who was a renowned mystic of those times. Diogenes lived naked with just a begging bowl and later in life he threw the begging bowl away saying, he could cup his hands and seek […]

Sunshine Lunch

When I met him for the first time, I knew I was meeting a good human being… There was just no doubt in my mind, even though I was a little irritated with something that he was about to do :):). And that has been the pattern ever since.  Then […]

Actions speak louder than words !!

The three most discussed news in the media today are – President Obama’s visit, Delhi elections and Mr. Jaishankar being made the Foreign Secretary. President Obama by accepting the invitation to be the chief guest at the Republic Day parade clearly indicated America’s heightened interest in India. No amount of […]